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Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

The GYCC agencies recently completed a GYA-wide plan to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Overall, the Plan predicts a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of between 21% and 36% by 2020 from the inventory year of 2007. Overview Poster

Action Plan


Sustainability Across Boundaries: Greater Yellowstone Area Climate Action Plan 2011 (2126 KB pdf)

Implementation Tools

A number of spreadsheet tools were developed by Matt Schultze (U.S. Forest Service) to measure greenhouse gas emission reductions from various actions, including every day activities such as turning off your computer at night and properly inflating vehicle tires.

Action Spreadsheet Tool Documentation
Computer On or Off
Tire Pressure
Smart Power Strip
Occupancy Sensor Light Switch
Lights Upgrade
Vehicle Upgrade  
Electric Car
Trip Cost  
Gallatin Gas Challenge (12 month)


Action Plan Preparation

GYA Interagency Working Session on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: April 19 - 22, 2010 in Bozeman, MT

See meeting presentations and preparation material.

GHG National Forest Inventory


Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the National Forests in the GYA  2009